7 Reasons Why PC Power Management Lets You Sleep Like A Baby

Product Sidebar: 

Do you think implementing a PC power management solution will keep you up at night?  As you probably know, centralizing power management will help your organization save money by reducing its energy usage, but you may be nervous about the impact on your end-users, your IT staff and your network.  Don’t worry, we have addressed those concerns — enabling you to save your organization money, while keeping your network secure and allowing you to get a great night's sleep.

Here are 7 Reasons why implementing a PC power management solution is easier than you think:

  1. You believe in saving energy and money, but the last thing you need is another IT project that requires you to provision more servers, run through lengthy installations and learn another complicated application.
    We agree. That’s why PwrSmart® is provided as a service.  All you need to do is install the PwrSmart client on your PCs.  We take care of everything else — enabling you to start saving energy and money right away.  In addition, you’ll help your organization reach its sustainability goals.

  2. Machines have to be left on 24x7 because you have important patching and other maintenance tasks to do during off hours.
    Don’t we all. Simply configure a scheduled Stay Awake event as part of your power scheme. PwrSmart Service will wake the PC (if needed) and keep it awake for the allotted maintenance period.
  3. Some users might want to remotely connect to their PCs from home in the evening, so the PCs need to be left on.
    No problem.  Give those users a login to PwrSmart’s Remote Wake™ to allow them to wake their computers on demand. In fact, give yourself access to wake any or all of your computers remotely at any time – wouldn’t that come in handy for lots of reasons?
  4. It’s not secure to give people the ability to wake PCs over the internet.
    Not true of PwrSmart’s Remote Wake. PwrSmart administrators give specific users permission to wake specific PCs - no others.  Plus there’s no need to poke holes in your firewall. Remote Wake requests go through PwrSmart Service over SSL, the same secure communication method used by online banks and merchants.
  5. You’ll be toast if you power down a PC when it’s performing that Really Important Process.
    Yep, been there. PwrSmart lets you configure software exclusions as part of a power scheme.  If an excluded process is running, the computer won’t go into a low power state until the process ends.

  6. Certain groups of computers need to be handled with kid gloves.
    We feel your pain. Create a special PwrGroup® for those computers and assign them a customized power scheme that even a diva can love.

  7. Your IT budget is already strapped for cash and there’s no room for a “nice to have” solution.
    We understand:  That’s why PwrSmart is free for 30-days — enabling you to experience the savings without spending a dime.  In addition, PwrSmart is backed by our Savings Guarantee.  If you don’t experience a savings of two-times the monthly fee, its free.  PwrSmart is a risk-free solution — making implementation of PwrSmart a no-brainer.

Here is something to lose sleep over, today:  A typical organization with 1,000 PCs and no centralized PC power management solution spends up to $70,000 per year paying for powered-on PCs that are not being used. Stop the waste – subscribe to PwrSmart Service today! 

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