PwrSmart Service Adds Apple OS X Support and Remote Wake for Securely Waking PCs Over the Internet

New Boundary Technologies Announces New Capabilities for PC Power Management

MINNEAPOLIS, December 8, 2011 — New Boundary Technologies®, a 26-year pioneer in providing innovative software and service solutions, today announces the latest updates to its pioneering PC power management solution, PwrSmart® Service. With the addition of Apple® OS X (Macintosh) support and Remote Wake™ for securely waking PCs over the internet, PwrSmart Service gives customers complete control and flexibility in managing the power settings on their PCs. 

“With the newest additions to PwrSmart Service, we’re making it easier than ever for organizations to move forward on implementing centralized PC power management,” says Tom Diamond, president at New Boundary Technologies. “Leaving PCs on 24 x 7 ‘just in case’ results in a lot of wasted energy and money. Remote Wake eliminates the need to leave them on. In addition, adding Mac support allows organizations to centrally manage the power settings on all of their computers.” 

PwrSmart Service increases energy and cost savings with several new enhancements:

Embracing Macs and PCs
PwrSmart Service now supports the Apple OS X platform, making it possible to manage both Windows® and Mac computers in the same console. In addition to supporting the latest OS X release (Lion), PwrSmart Service also supports the two previous versions that are still widely in use (Leopard and Snow Leopard). Mac computers in PwrSmart Service benefit from all the same power scheme features as Windows computers: standard power options, alternate settings, scheduled events and software exclusions.

Allowing Remote Wake
Today’s workforce is mobile, dispersed and running on a flexible schedule. Workers’ office computers occasionally  need to be available after hours and on weekends. Remote Wake gives PwrSmart Service customers the best of both worlds – the ability to power down systems when they’re not in use, and the flexibility to wake them remotely on demand. Administrators simply grant users secure access to Remote Wake for their own PCs. In addition, administrators use Remote Wake to securely wake any managed PC, eliminating the need to leave all systems powered on after hours. Combined with PwrSmart’s scheduled Stay Awake™ feature, Remote Wake gives administrators the ultimate flexibility for maintaining their systems, while still saving significant money and energy.

Discovering Energy Wasters
PwrSmart Service now includes the Energy Wasters report, which is designed to show which computers are not meeting the organization’s goal for time spent in a low power state. The Energy Wasters report gives PwrSmart administrators, analysts and managers the ability to quickly identify these computers and take any necessary corrective action.

Visit PwrSmart Service on the web to download an interactive demo or to start using PwrSmart Service free for 30 days.

About New Boundary Technologies
New Boundary Technologies develops innovative software and service solutions for PC configuration management and remote equipment monitoring and control. The company’s Prism Suite® automates software deployment, asset management and patch management. PwrSmart® is a simple, automated PC power management solution that centrally controls PC power settings and energy consumption. Policy Commander® automates computer security policy enforcement. Radiem® technology powers the company’s FleetVista® and TankVista® products, which monitor and control remote and mobile equipment via wireless Internet. Founded in 1985, New Boundary Technologies is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, visit or call 800-747-4487.


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